Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'd seen posters up around Berlin for an exhibition by DENISE JULIA REYTAN. The poster featured a single colourful object and, although I wasn't sure exactly what it was, I knew I had to go. I guess I'm a sucker for bright colours.

One step into the gallery and I was confronted by an unusual instillation made from what appeared to be a mismatch of objects. It looked like a watercan and some pink hula hoops at the top of a cascading stream of shoelaces, sponges, pearl chains, pompoms, hair curlers. 

On second glance, all the objects seemed to represent gatherings from a female domestic world taken from different periods of time. The way the objects were arranged together in harmony seemed to suggest that she was playing with the ideals of modern female identity, which I found very beautiful and had a surprising touch of humor. It also looked a little like Barbie on acid.

Meanwhile on the wall opposite hung a row of necklaces with a similar aesthetic. Made from a combination of pearls, silver, plastic beads, scrubbing brushes and toys, the necklaces drew on a juxtaposition of luxury and everyday items. You'd expect the meaning and values of the materials to clash but somehow she makes it work. 

It was a delight to see the artistic vision of Reytan's instillation work translated into wearable a form that was individual and told a story.

For more on Denise Julia Reytan you can find alot more on her website. 

Here you can also find some pieces of hers for sale including the 'its time to forget about the time' watch, also sold at collette in paris. 

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