Monday, January 31, 2011


I first spotted a frock by Hilary Laing in Glasgow, the home-base of her eponymous label. The frock was covered with a print that looked like she had drawn directly onto the fabric, like an excited kid who just received their first box of Crayolas.

Looking at her fashion collections, Hilary's scribble design is shown throughout as her signature brand. She deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques with her wandering lines and combines colours that clash. While its playful and naive, her garments are far from childrens wear. They're made into clever, sultry cuts for women, not girls.

I like her because she reminds grown-ups to have fun. Its nice to know its possible to keep what's good about being a child while being an adult too!


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Chanelle said...

The leggings are absolutely to die for. x