Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Meet Blandine Bardeau. This London based french artist, fashion designer, jewelry designer, illustrator and creative director is versatility personified.
I admired Blandine's work from across the globe for some time, and hoped to meet up with her while staying in London. It just so happened that we were both studying at Central St.Martins this September. We met for coffee the talked fashion.

Like Blandine, her work is something hard to pin down - it spans across art and fashion, where she creates a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of colour in the shape of a garment, a drawing, or a bracelet on her sleeve. At first glance, looking at the silhouettes and style of her garments, they seem to take influence from traditional tribal costumes. But she's used that influence to invent a whole new style and language that is all about social unconventionality and transformation.

Blandine draws from her own free imagination and finds inspiration from stage persona's adopted by musicians such as David Bowie. Bowie once said
     "I would like to see the lines between visual art and music to be blurred and even disappear."
Blandine's relationship between her artwork and wearable clothing does just that, which is why I find her work so darn fascinating!

Her aesthetic is colorful and playful, free-flowing and never rigid.
She's always rotating and ever-changing. I was excited to hear she's recently decided to focus more on visual art and painting.

She runs a busy schedule. From designing the windows of Selfridges London to collaborating with Louis Vuitton and Converse to the band Cocorosie - Blandine's work is in hot demand. 

One to watch.

Blandine Bardeau website

Click here to see Blandine interview Cocorosie

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