Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love Timorous beasties Because they're not afraid to take risks. 

You could easily describe their contemporary textiles and wallpapers as beautiful, but there is a deeper meaning beyond its surface. I was lucky enough to see their works at the famous Timorous Beasties store in Glasgow.

Looking around, I saw a design I rather liked. It was an intricate floral pattern in a beautiful colour scheme. After telling the shop assistant how pretty it was, she replied "yes, but its actually a threesome". On second glance, a layer of transparent ink that shone in the light, showed thighs darting in different directions with one woman's face stretched out in ecstasy. I thought, "how dare they!" and had to find more.....

The next was a traditional looking piece reminiscent of 1800's wallpaper. It looked like a pleasant suburban scene, but on further inspection, it wasn't quite! An addict on a park bench was shooting up, the ladies next to him were prostitutes and a famous statue was being peed on. While the piece was extremely humorous, it was an alarming reminder of reality.

While Timorous Beasties may offend many, they're certainly fearless!  

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