Sunday, November 21, 2010


What an fantastic week for the Adelaide Fashion Festival! 
I was luckily selected to be part of the Chambord SA Emerging Designer Showcase, showing my latest collection 'Peachy Keen'.

Here are some shots taken from the night by photographer Sonny, who deserves a big clap! 
Sonny captured the models backstage in their most candid moments while some cut loose for the camera. 
Its hard to believe just hours before they were the same serious-faced girls during the parade fitting!

Check out more backstage photos by Sonny here: 


Monica Robinson said...

Wow, they look amazing! Congrats on being selected to take part, your designs are stunning!

Sundari said...

Great dresses. Really loving that first image too.

stacey margaret said...

This is truly wonderful, I have seen closer pictures of the leotard worn in the second picture- the leotard AND the headpiece are amazing, I even saved the picture on my computer.

I am from Adelaide too, I'm a first year at TAFE, have a look at my new blog and follow me too :) I may have to ask you some questions some time.